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50 Card Pack-Assorted

50 Card Pack-Assorted

50 Card Pack-Assorted

Made of 60% Paper, 40% Plastic

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Collect your favorite players from your favorite team with these assorted trading cards!
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  • Made of 60% Paper, 40% Plastic
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Nostagiac gem!


What a great idea this is! I used to collect baseball cards when I was a kid, and this 50-card pack is the perfect way to obtain a variety of cards from my beloved Montreal Expos, from their early days through to their final years. Not only are there cards covering decades, but from a variety of different card companies other than Topps, which were the ones I bought. It's also cool to see how the quality of the trading cards has improved from the '80s and into the '00s. I was a little disappointed there was a duplicate within my set, but other than that, I'm really pleased with this dash of Expos nostalgia!


Ottawa, Canada


I would keep buying online


The product was great and amazing when I opened it

Little Bear

Los Angeles, CA




I got the lions pack. The closest to 2014 I got was 2010. There were a lot of repeat players. None of them were new players. I did get Berry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, but those two the only two good ones.

Will Killion




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