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Aminco Inc. Badge Reel

Aminco Inc. Badge Reel

Aminco Inc. Badge Reel

Made of 100% Plastic

Price: $4.99

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  • Style: 20315132
  • Color: Blue
  • Made of 100% Plastic
  • Home Office & School Supplies

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Not what I wanted!


I was assisted by one of the personnel there but was not told that it wasn't was I was asking for. I trusted them and I shouldn't have. They were very nice but that doesn't make me a satified customer. The item I purchased, sight unseen was made for a belt when I needed one for a blouse or jacket. Disappointed I wasn't alerted to this before purchase. Will look elsewhere for the item I want.


Dayton, Ohio


Look Like a Middle Manager!


We have to use a badge to get in and out of our industrial complex. This badge also allows us to get into our computers. It wasn't enough that I carry a lunch, sunglasses, iPod, cell phone and work computer to work. No. I needed something else to make me look "MIDDLE MANAGEMENT". So a buddy of mine offered to get me one of these, because he likes being middle management, as well. Plus, Hawk Fans hate it. FOUR STARS.

Jez The Mez

The Region, IN



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